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History Honors Capstone 2017-2018: Home


The purpose of this guide is to help seniors choose a topic, find resources, organize their research, and prepare to write a 20 page paper for Windward's History Honors Capstone.

Course Description

This course focuses exclusively on the scholarly and intellectual processes of crafting an undergraduate history paper. The heart of research is the craft of shepherding the spark of an idea or a curiosity into a research question, finding and analyzing sources that engage that question, and then communicating one’s understanding into a piece of formal academic writing. The purpose of this writing is to introduce a new contribution to existing research that enters one into a dialogue with other scholars. This class is designed to support each student’s individual journey through those stages. It will culminate in the drafting of a research paper of the caliber that you will write in advanced courses in college as well as a final oral presentation of your research to which your parents and the broader campus community will be invited.

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