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English 12H Creation Myths: Home

Primal Myths


How does the concrete reality of geography, historical moment, and social customs affect how a particular group of people tells stories about origins?


 Your job:

Find basic information on the society that produced the myth, when and where the myth was produced, and the culture’s basic religious make-up and tenets (i.e. polytheistic or monotheistic).

  1. African myths: Barotse (pages 35-36), Ngombe (47-48), Nandi (48-49)
  2. The Koran: Sura XVI (152-153) and selections (153-155)
  3. India, Hindu: Rig-Veda X (183-184)
  4. India, Buddhist (194-195)
  5. Native American: Hopi (268-272)